Bottom sheet

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An exclusive collection of embroidered bottom sheets to match the rest of the set. Seductive embroidery for sweet dreams.

Classic or contemporary, always use high quality bottom sheets. They are essential.

Rich with 115 years of experience and « savoir faire », Maison Duchénoy guides you in your choice of design, patterns and motifs for your embroidered bed linen by proposing refined collections: Tarentelle, embroidered in spider’s web stitch; Grec à la Goutte, hand embroidered on white cotton percale and inspired by precious jewellery, a brooch motif with diamond drops; Palme Classique, a dearly loved classical motif from childhood; in a Japanese atmosphere, Sashiko, shades of sunset with pure lines in Point de Beauvais. From the archives, Arabesques, hand embroidered in white cotton percale. Or the timeless simplicity of renowned Jours Venise.

Delicate embroidery for delicious dreams.