High-quality bath mats collection

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An upscale bath mat collection, soft and reassuring. Vivid embroidery to brighten your bathroom.

Maison Duchénoy’s unique collections of high quality bath mats are part of a sumptuous bathing experience. They embellish the bathroom and compliment bath linens. Start the day with a deliciously embroidered bath mat.

The choice is yours!

Edo Tsuba: hand embroidered in cotton satin and terrycloth. Vertical lines highlight the Tsuba motif, the figure for a Japanese sword guard; Nébuleuse in hand embroidered linen and terrycloth. A flying carpet sprinkled with little dots; Marie Louise with a delicate cotton border. Simple and pure, this collection will compliment embroidered towels.

All of the bath mats are 100% white cotton, 500gr/m2 with a high thread count and certified Oeko-Tex, Standard 100. The Maison Duchénoy bath mat is 50/80cm, the classic and comfortable size. The rich legacy of Maison Duchénoy is founded on prestigio.

The embroideries created in the design studio reference themes and techniques both classic and contemporary. The indispensable bath mat is one of the key pieces in a creative and unique embroidered collection.us house linens, devotion to traditional craftsmanship and a passion for constantly seeking new techniques to express the contemporary aesthetic.