Exquisite collection of embroidered linens for baby

  • Collection Etoiles

    Do the stars make your eyes twinkle as much as the smiles of your precious darlings? Yes! Then Maison Duchénoy’s Etoiles collection is perfect.

    Hurry to discover our sweet and indispensable hand embroidered swaddling cloths for your precious darlings. On both small and large beautifully hand embroidered swaddling wraps, sprinklings of stardust lead the way to magic. The exquisite delicacy of hand embroidery is inimitable. Stars are skillfully embroidered to enchant and enrapture. Constellations captivate spellbound babies. Make dreams come true. Two sizes, timeless design and lucky stars will charm young parents when they open this adorable gift for their baby. Gentle as a caress, our swaddles are the perfect piece to complete baby’s trousseau.

    Practical and soft, these unique embroidered linens from the Etoiles collection are washable and do not need to be ironed as the texture is simply more beautiful when left untouched. Let your imagination run wild and discover our Etoiles collection, hand embroidered in pink, blue or taupe.

    Wish upon a star!

  • Collection Roulotté
  • Collection Souris Verte
  • Collection Rose ruban
  • Collection Bébé d'Amour

    For little people and the not so small, we are all loved. Curl up with this sweet pillowcase.

  • Collection Petit Coeur
  • Collection Nébuleuse

    Hush a bye baby! Sweet dreams in a colourful cosmos.

  • Collection Semainier Bébé

    A friend for every day of the week to charm the little ones.

  • Collection Ours du cirque

    The circus is coming! Playful and amusing little creatures.

  • Collection Orange

Maison Duchénoy is a French family concern recognised as a Living Heritage company and has specialised in embroidery since 1903. The prestigious and high quality house linens blend traditional craftsmanship with new techniques to express the contemporary aesthetic. An unparalleled knowledge of house linens as well as their care and use are shared with clients. With more than
100 000 patterns collected over the years, the heritage of Maison Duchénoy is inestimable.

The workshops bring together designers and embroiderers to create high quality embroidered baby linens.

From bath capes to wimples, the traditional little blouses which were always part of a baby’s trousseau, to changing mats and delicately embroidered gift baskets to hand down to future generations. Discover embroidered cotton piqué or terrycloth bibs which will delight your little darlings with colourful and amusing motifs and exquisite embroidered pillowslips with graceful patterns to soothe baby to sleep.