Exclusive collection of fine embroidered bath linens

  • Collection Edo Stuba

    In cotton sateen and terrycloth, vertical lines highlight a motif inspired by the Tsuba, a Japanese sword guard. Float to faraway lands…

  • Collection Nebuleuse

    Linen muslin and terrycloth.  The band sprinkled with dots. A flying carpet to gently cradle you in dreams of enchantment and delight.

  • Collection Marie-Louise

    Cotton sateen and terrycloth with a smooth and silky border. Simple and light, for all homes.

  • Collection Biarritz

    The embroidery on the end of this towel, forming a cam, conjurs up the horizon of the Basque coast. The varying sizes of satin stitches outlining the pattern and the honeycomb embroidered within each rectangle demonstrates the refinement of this embroidery. Seaside or bathroom, leisure or sport, the design of this machine embroidered towel, in shades of marine, ash or oak, will fit in perfectly with your favorite activity and where ever you may be.

  • Collection Vert Galant

    Discover our collection of guest towels Vert Galant and the story behind its name. As much as we are a French house, we are, above all, Parisian. Stealing away for a few hours to idle in the square Vert Galant is one of our favorite pastimes. This tiny 19th century garden in the heart of Paris, nestles on the tip of the Île de la Cité. A favorite rendezvous for lovers, it harbors an extraordinary wealth of flora.

    Naturally it inspired us to create these leafy garlands, capturing in embroidery the luxurious vegetation with the inimitable skill of our illustrators and embroiderers. 100% pure linen, hand embroidered using needle embroidery, we offer three models named after three of our favorite plants: If or yew, Cotoneaster, Osier or willow. And as the garden changes its hues with the dance of the seasons, so too can you vary your color palette with the change of season or simply your change of humor. Each model of Vert Galant guest towels is available in four shades harmonizing with the seasons. Spring blooms in tender green with white accents, whilst summer glows with the golden sunshine. Fall is the color of moss at the end of the season, and winter that of candied chestnuts.

    Our intention is to provide seasonal details for your interior design. Whether a thought for your guest, a pleasure for your hands or a delicate touch for your face, these exceptional linens will become an heirloom thanks to their fine quality and ease of care.

    Explore the “Sets” function available in our e-boutique to compose your own collection. Whether you prefer to mix the different designs or chose one design and play with the seasons, it’s up to you. Enjoy.

  • Collection Mosaïque Eclatée
  • Collection Epi ruban
  • Collection Carré en Chevrons
  • Collection Dentelle
  • Collection Guirlande Céladon
  • Collection Pois en Carré

Maison Duchénoy invites you to linger over the linen embroidered bath collections where the focus is on the band: Edo Tsuba, in hand embroidered cotton satin and terrycloth where vertical lines highlight the Tsuba motif, a Japanese sword guard; Nébuleuse in hand embroidered linen and terrycloth, a little sprinkling of dots on a flying carpet carrying you away to another cosmos; Marie Louise with cotton satin trim. Its pure simplicity perfectly compliments embroidered towels; As for the Biarritz collection, embroidered by machine, it transports us to the Basque coast, the cam reminiscent of the horizon.

All towels are 100% white cotton, 500gr/m2, with a high thread count. They are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Made in France.

Maison Duchénoy proposes bathmats in 50/80cm, the classic and comfortable size; towels in 32/50cm for face and hands, 50/50cm for hair, a 70/140cm shower towel and 103/150cm bath towels.

Delight your friends with pretty embroidered guest towels: Carré de Chevrons, Mosaïque Eclatée, or the delicately detailed colouring of Epi Ruban.

Since 1903 Maison Duchénoy has constantly developed rich « savoir-faire », pursued a passion for modernity and perpetuated the excellence of traditional craftsmanship through exclusive collections of upmarket embroidered house linens. With a rare and exceptional knowledge of linens, their use and care, Maison Duchénoy caters to private clients, decorators and addresses the requirements of large homes with unique collections of embroidered bath linen. The design studio creates using a wide range of techniques and inspirations both classic and contemporary.