Luxury embroidered bed linens for distinctive home decoration

  • Collection Tarentelle

    Embroidered in spider’s web stitch, dance the Tarantella and then gently glide away.

  • Collection Sashiko

    Point de Beauvais lines with shades of sunrise. Embroidered using a fine crochet hook, Point de Beauvais respects the sharp precision of Japanese standards.

  • Grec à la goutte

    A Greek brooch or pin motif with diamond drops. A precious piece of jewellery. For you to decide!

  • Collection Palme classique

    A classic motif from childhood, a cherished heirloom

  • Collection Arabesques

    From our workshop’s archives, a pattern created by Germaine, the designer from my youth and childhood.

  • Collection Jour Venise

    Hand embroidered set of bed linen in Jours Venise. Threads are drawn and wrapped by a cotton thread re-weaving the fabric. Timeless simplicity.

The stylists and designers who are there from the beginning of your project propose luxurious collections of bed linens. Discover Tarentelle, spider’s web stitch embroidered on linen; Grec à la Goutte, hand embroidered on white cotton percale, a brooch motif with diamond drops, a precious jewel; Palme Classique, a dearly loved classical motif from childhood days; Sashiko, shades of sunrise with pure lines in Point de Beauvais. From the archives comes Arabesques, hand embroidered on white cotton percale. And the timeless simplicity of renowned Jours Venise. Exclusive collections with alluring embroidery for sweet dreams. Discover our embroidered pillowcases and drift away.

Recognised as a Living Heritage Company, Maison Duchénoy is a French family business specialising in embroidery since 1903. Interiors both classic and modern are respected through skillful adaptation: the dyeing of fabrics, panelling, furniture and embroidery.The application of an embroidery motif, tailor-made or chosen from an existing pattern, reinforces and underlines the unique character of any home. Maison Duchénoy shares 115 years of experience and an unrivaled knowledge of bed linens to guide your choice. The design studio creates embroideries using a wide range of techniques and themes, both classic and contemporary.