An exclusive collection of fine embroidered and lace handkerchiefs

  • Collection Fleurs des jardins

    Charming handkerchief embroidered in Point de Beauvais.

  • Collection Mouchoir en dentelle

    Since the Renaissance, the handkerchief has been a useful object. For a long time it has been part of our culture. Depending on the delicacy of the workmanship, both the lace and the embroidery were visible signs of wealth and opulence. The handkerchief gradually became part of everyday dress, part of our legacy and is now passed down from generation to generation. Since 1903 Maison Duchénoy has been sharing four generations of « savior faire », an unquestionable knowledge of house linens and rich archives to guide you in your choice of textiles, patterns and colours. The responsiveness and flexibility of the workshops offer a high quality bespoke service as well as a passion for catering to your daily needs using both classic and contemporary designs. Designers and embroiderers come together to create exclusive collections. The Dentelle de Calais-Caudry handkerchiefs are hand sewn and 35/35cm. Gathered corners reproduce the continuous patterns found in genuine lace handkerchiefs; the 44/44cm handkerchief, a wedding or evening handkerchief to be gently scented and tucked into your bag. It is hand sewn in Dentelle de Calais with open-work, a hemstitched hem and gathered corners. Feston de Dentelle, an heirloom designed by my great-grandfather in 1910. The lace handkerchiefs are 100% linen and the lace is 90% cotton and 10% polyamide.

  • Collection Bouquet d'hortensia

    Hand embroidered handkerchief, floral motif, vibrant colours and open-work.

  • Collection Ange

    Handkerchief for christenings, weddings or at Christmas. We love these little angels. 

  • Collection Coeur

    Pretty embroidered hearts in Point de Beauvais for tender feelings.

  • Collection Bouquet Luneville

    A traditional pretty posy, needle embroidered. Inspired by Lunéville faience.

  • Collection Petit Noeud

    A beautifully simple needle embroidered little bow.

  • Collection Palais Royal

    Handkerchief or pocket square : lighthearted or night out ! The delicately hand rolled hems marry perfectly with the finesse of cotton muslin. We have chosen seven colors for the rolled trimming, one for each day of the week depending on your humor. You simply have to choose the fold to suit to attire. The ultimate chic being to match the color of the hand embroidery to your tie or shoelaces. It’s entirely up to you !  

  • Collection Illana

    Longing for an initialed handkerchief for special occasions or a discreetly embroidered one to slip into your purse every day? The Illana handkerchief, hand-embroidered by needle, might just be the one for you! In it, you will find subtlety and elegance, the simplicity and purity of white, cursive complexity and perfection of little dots. The finesse of this embroidery lies in the technique employed: a delicate satin stitch. The dots are embroidered one by one, little by little forming the script, as if finely calligraphed by pen. The perfection of the broad and fine strokes will enchant your daily life and embellish your outings.

  • Collection Irmeline

    Straight from the archives, left in our care by previous generations, this handkerchief embroidered with the Beauvais stitch invokes subtlety and softness. The delicacy of its chain stitch and the roundness of its forms makes us want to return to the past, to rediscover the art of our ancestors. Did not Madame de Pompadour herself practice this refined stitch? Perhaps this handkerchief was one of hers, a gift to us, with all the freshness of it’s fine flowers and pastel tones. Longing to capture it’s fragrance? Scent your handkerchief at will, to carry the freshness of your garden wherever you go.

  • Collection Isée

    Are purity and harmony among the notes of excellence you look for in embroidery? This handkerchief embroidered with Beauvais stitch is made for you. The pure lines of these capital letters, combined with the grace of the bells and the graduated hues, recall the authenticity of this design from our archives, and matches perfectly the lines woven into handkerchief. The lightness and refinement of the branch will enchant and delight whenever you use this handkerchief, whatever the occasion, be it mundane or very special.


    Swiss cotton vignette handkerchief 100% – Hand rolled and hand embroidered

An embroidered cotton or linen handkerchief whispers secrets, wipes away tears and sadness.
For traditional elegance, a handkerchief used to be part of the wedding trousseau. It was attached to a glove as part of a little girl’s First Holy Communion outfit. Picture a handkerchief being gently waved on the platform of a train station. Passed down from generation to generation, tuck one, delicately scented into your pillowcase, for remembrance.

House linens are part of a family’s legacy. From bed linens and table linens to a handkerchief embroidered with the initials of a loved one, your ancestors passed on this heritage and you will look after it for the next generation. A memory, a shared emotion: your own Proustian madeleine, a sonata, a whiff of hot chocolate, a grandmother’s warm embrace.

Since 1903 Maison Duchénoy’s rich legacy has endured because of its exclusive high quality embroidered collections in a classic or contemporary style, its devotion to traditional craftsmanship and a passion for constantly seeking new techniques to express the contemporary aesthetic. With more than 100 000 patterns gathered over time, the heritage of Maison Duchénoy is inestimable. In the workshops, designers, stylists and embroiderers excitedly bustle about constantly updating resources to offer a vast array of patterns, motifs and colours and at the same time respecting inherited techniques.

Discover our range of refined embroidered cotton handkerchiefs, a timeless accessory for the elegant woman. Or Dentelle de Calais handkerchiefs for a glimpse of the past. An eloquent gift for a beloved friend. Sweet memories.