Cocktail napkins's collection : a plaisant time with friends

Distinguished guests deserve a distinguished reception. For an informal buffet or cocktail reception, which linens to choose for your guests? The classic 50 x 50 cm napkins for your tablecloth are perhaps too cumbersome for dining whilst mingling. As an alternative to this larger napkin size, Maison Duchénoy suggest “cocktail” napkins, their size adapted to an informal gathering in the lounge, or a cocktail reception in the subdued light or the sparkling sunlight of your home. Whether you choose the square 22 x 22 cm napkins or the rectangular 13 x 20 cm napkins, you can place them on the buffet for guests to take with their appetizers, or proffer them with a glass of champagne or juice. The fabric? Linen, of course, to match the cloth or place mats tastefully arranged on your table.

Our archives are full of designs that could compliment your interior. Let bees, dragonflies and butterflies from our traditional insect collection gracefully alight on your table; if you are in the mood for a cosy Christmas, fir trees decorated with roses are perfect, as are our wreaths of roses, mirroring the decorations that adorn your walls.