history of the house


birth of a house

Jules Zéau founds the family company of needle-stitched intimate apparel and embroidery. The company settles in the Tuileries area of Paris.

Girl in a jacket
Jules Zéau and his wife
The Beauvais Stitch
Girl in a jacket


the beauvais stitch

The House broadens its know-how by developing an embroidery workshop using the Point de Beauvais stitch. This crochet chain stitch, typical of the 18th century styles, requires a long period of apprenticeship and a rare ability. Fetish technique of Jules Zéau House, it was to bring about its international recognition. With more than 10 000 models accumulated over the years, the heritage of point de Beauvais sketches by Maison Duchénoy is inestimable.


needle embroidery

Pascale Duchénoy opens an embroidery workshop on the island of Madagascar. This workshop specializes in the needle embroidery technique. With this gesture, she renews with the founding trade of the family company. This embroidery was no longer produced owing to high labour costs. Jules Zéau House becomes Linge au Cœur.

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Needle embroidery
painting on fabric
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transmitting a knowledge

Fully aware of the importance that her passion should be passed on, Pascale Duchénoy also participates in awarding diplomas for the State Arts trade. With the same concern in mind, Linge au Cœur has taken part in the publication of several works: « Le Point de Beauvais » in the know-how collection, published by Didier Carpentier, « Les métiers d’Art de la Mode », published by Jacques-Marie Laffont. Finally, to broaden learning of the skill, Pascale Duchénoy, after having introduced embroidery kits, develops embroidery training for professionals in her workshops.


the interior decoration

Linge au Cœur extends its trade palette by acquiring an embroidery workshop specialized in interior decorating. Linge au Cœur, architects and interior decorators now work in close collaboration in order to set up and implement ambitious « customized » projects. The know-how of Linge au Cœur runs the gamut of furnishing pieces (curtains, seats, cushions, or wall hangings…) conveying a unique character to each home.

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Embroidered seat
Shop Maison Duchénoy in Valois
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to the palace !

Pascale Duchénoy opens a boutique in the historical center of Paris. Located at the entrance of the Palais Royal Gardens in the Louvre area, the 2, rue de Valois becomes the crossroads of a passion and the ideal place for an intimate sharing of a trade : embroidery and house linens.


house of the future

Linge au Coeur develops its interior decoration range by creating the “Entrelacs” collections aimed at decorators and interior designers. At the same time, it has re-established its former international presence, by renovating its website including an e-commerce site offering a selection of its key household linen products.

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Guirlande en arc-en-ciel Collection - Maison Duchénoy
Vert Galant collection - Maison Duchénoy
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Naturally, Maison Duchénoy has embraced the digital era with its website, newsletter and presence on the social networks. Reflecting the demands of a new generation, Linge au Coeur has launched an e-boutique with exclusive collections and a selection of its signature products for international customers. Maison Duchénoy now combines a fresh consumer focus with French savoir-vivre to brighten up the day-to-day and embellish all types of contemporary interior.


maison duchénoy

Reflecting the bold entrepreneurial spirit that has guided our establishment for generations, Linge au Coeur brings our brands together under the name of Maison Duchénoy. It is an expression of both our craftsmanship and French savoir-faire and art de vivre. Guidance, creation and embroidery for interiors and household linen collections are all available to sublimate everyday objects. No. 2, rue de Valois in Paris’ 1st arrondissement has now become a showroom. 

Girl in a jacket
Les insectes collection - Maison Duchénoy