The initialed handkerchief's collection, for each one

Maison Duchénoy is deeply attached to the tradition of its many years of experience, handed down over the generations. In order to perpetuate this legacy, Maison Duchénoy revives this original vignette from its archives. A vignette is a special weave that frames the edge of the handkerchief. There are many different vignette designs, and for our collection of Initial handkerchiefs, we delved into the early years of the House to choose this particular model. It has been carefully recreated to uphold the quality that has always existed for our range of handkerchiefs. The quality of the Swiss cotton provides for the suppleness and practicality required of a handkerchief, and confers a pleasant touch.

Thanks to the House’s legacy we naturally turn to handkerchiefs embroidered with individual initials. What could be more pleasing than a beautiful personalized gift? Everyone finds joy, as the initial is the ultimate personal touch. Not only does it show who the handkerchief belongs to, but the beauty of its ornamentation pays homage to its owner. The experience of our designers is evident in the aesthetics of each letter and the perfection of the embroidery showcases the knowledge and skill of our embroiderers as they faithfully reproduce the design into embroidered calligraphy.