Interior Design


High Decor

What sets craftsmen apart is their ability to deploy all of their expertise in pursuit of a designer’s vision. Maison Duchénoy works closely with decorators, upholsterers and interior designers to come up with the most exquisite ideas. 

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In our studio, ideas are brought to life in sketches, embroidered tracings, colour tests and life-size samples.

A relationship based on trust and constant striving for excellence is forged with our design and decorator partners in a quest for beauty, meaning and harmony.

A touch of class ! Long-standing expertise and the search for aesthetic perfection come together in living art and embroidery.

High Standards

Looking for authenticity or to showcase French heritage and know-how, or the last word in chic? There are many different reasons to choose made-to-measure embroidery that rounds out the identity of an exceptional location. Maison Duchénoy has tried and tested experience of major projects throughout the world that are designed to make a statement.

Beautiful private properties and mansions, exceptional estates and luxury hotels all provide outlets for showcasing high-end craftwork.

We also decorate the flying or floating interiors of yachts and private jets.

Embassies, ministries, etc. Decorating these institutional locations provides a unique opportunity to showcase the living heritage of the art of embroidery.

Understanding and tackling the artistic, technical and image-related challenges of our projects is the key focus for Maison Duchénoy.

We oversee the entire technical palette of our craft – from white-hand embroidered needlework to fully-automated embroidery. 

Combining a number of different techniques within a single project offers infinite possibilities and real finesse.

examples of made-to-measure interior décor

examples of made-to-measure

interior décor


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