The house

Embroiderers of distinction

since 1903

Embroiderers of distinction since 1903

Created one hundred and twenty years ago, Maison Duchénoy embroidery workshops comprise stylists, men and women embroiderers, sketchers and seamstresses, all of whom custom design your household linen or  your interior decoration purposes.

Whether you are a professional or a private person, the House meets your needs with its exacting know-how and a discrete listening policy. 

Marine Duchénoy

Marine was born and brought up in the world of hand embroidery and spent her childhood wandering around the workshops. She forged her expertise and creative, rigorous and pragmatic mindset over more than ten years spent working as architectural project manager with premium luxury brands. With the same innate devotion to beauty and demanding standards as Pascale, in 2021 Marine decided to join Maison Duchénoy to continue to shape its future.

Pascale Duchénoy

Pascale, the great-granddaughter of the company’s founder, practically grew up in the workshop.  It was therefore only natural that, after studying law, she decided to take over from her father at the head of the family business. A clearly stated preference for excellence and aesthetic beauty, an enlightened vision of the profession together with boundless curiosity have helped Pascale to move Maison Duchénoy into new segments and markets throughout her many years at the helm.

Aurélien Duchénoy

Aurélien has remained true to tradition by spending his earliest years on the workshop floor. As someone who is creative by nature and founded a start-up with a social objective, Aurélien also decided to join the family business, bringing his perfectionism and an "out of the box" perspective to Maison Duchénoy’s development.


Maison Duchénoy has its own archives supplemented by those acquired from now extinct workshops which thereby attentively passed on their history. 

With more than 15,000 patterns and thousands of samples, this heritage is augmented every day with new patterns made to measure for its customers.

Pricked tracing paper, dye tests, prototypes, collections of antique patterns and embroidered pieces from the eighteenth to twentieth century make up a genuine repository of techniques and know-how which Maison Duchénoy protects and makes available for new projects.



In 2009, Maison Duchénoy was awarded the French State's "Living Heritage Company" label, highlighting its know-how and excellence in the embroidery field. Supported by the work and passion of its workshops, every day Maison Duchénoy reinvents its ancestral techniques to offer its customers original and bespoke designs.


5, Place des Victoires

Maison Duchénoy showroom at 5 place des Victoires in Paris’ 1st arrondissement showcases and shares everything we are passionate about in our craft and traditions: embroidery, household linen and the pleasures of decoration. The showrooms are warm and welcoming, just like the great homes they have decorated. 

5, place des Victoires, Paris 1er

 Tél. + 33 (0)1 47 70 47 73