Maison Duchénoy

Embroiderers of excellence

since 1903

Created one hundred and twenty years ago, Maison Duchénoy embroidery workshops comprise stylists, men and women embroiderers, sketchers and seamstresses, all of whom custom design your household linen or  your interior decoration purposes.




Embroidery sanding


A thread - Maison Duchénoy

The quality

in the high way

Behind the scenes of Maison Duchénoy,
an ancestral know-how meets passion and precision.
Each piece in our collections reflects rare excellence,
the result of decades of mastery and innovation.
Our embroidery carefully made with several techniques is also the symbol of an exceptional quality that defies time.

New collection

les insectes

Les insectes collection - Maison Duchénoy

hand embroidery

The «Les insectes» collection of the Maison Duchénoy
adorns your tables with refined pieces
that pay tribute to the splendour of nature.
The tablecloths and napkins bear the imprint of delicate white and gold embroidery,
which emphasize the swirling shapes of bees, dragonflies and butterflies.

our selection of shop products

Let yourself be tempted by these key pieces of Maison Duchénoy,
which reflect the know-how and excellence of more than a century of history.




Maison duchénoy Jewel of french artisanal embroidery since more than a century

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In a delicate ballt, our designers, stylists, embroiderers and seamstresses take turns to harmoniously combine tradition and innovation, and give life to creations that sublimate the ordinary. With its heritage, Maison Duchénoy is distinguished by its embroidery techniques, which reflect a unique quality of execution and know-how preserved with passion through time. From the delicate embroidery with the needle to the elegance of Beauvais stitch and Cornely embroidery, without forgetting the finesse of the plumetis, the precision of multi-head embroidery, the robustness of mechanical embroidery, the delicate art of needlepoint painting and the ancestral technique of the days with threads drawn, each gesture is the expression of a cultural heritage that endures. In the era of massive industrialization, Maison Duchénoy’s requirement remains unwavering: combining traditional gestures with a modern vision, for today’s interiors imbued with precious memories. For this, our workshops travel through textures, explore the symphony of colors and immortalize the poetry of everyday life in carefully designed patterns.

Whether it is for table linen, bed linen, bath linen, handkerchiefs and birth items, discover the exclusive collections of Maison Duchénoy on the online store and join our quest for exception.