Bouquet Lunéville

Bouquet Lunéville

Bouquet Lunéville

Embroidered handkerchief

By closing your eyes after seeing this handkerchief you will smell the perfume of the flowers. By touching its soft embroidery, you would feel the velvety softness of the rose petals. Originally it is about painting but on porcelain and not on canvas, because the inspiration for this model comes from Lunéville earthenware and this embroidery is made with a needle to get as close as possible to the original painting. No wonder that in embroidery it is a technique called ""needle painting""...

Ladies, were you dreaming of the reminiscence of a fabulous bouquet in front of your eyes at any moment? Now embroidery makes it possible!



Handkerchief 30x30cm (12x12in).

Swiss cotton vignette handkerchief 100% - Hand rolled.

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Embroidered handkerchief

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