Exclusive high quality collection of hand embroidered absorbent cotton swaddling cloths

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Luxurious embroidered Swaddling cloths

Are you looking for a gift for a newborn or perhaps the perfect piece to complete baby’s layette? Explore Maison Duchénoy’s exquisite collection of baby linen. Choose soft cream cotton swaddling cloths, hand embroidered in pink, blue or taupe. Young parents can gently wrap and cuddle their precious darlings in these soft swaddling wraps. Useful and versatile, they will become a cherished part of everyday life, filled with hugs, lullabies, kisses and sweet whispers. The soft swaddling cloth may even become baby’s soothing comforter while he plays with it and sucks his thumb.

At Maison Duchénoy we propose two types of swaddles for every occasion. The smaller size (68/68cm) is traditionally used to bundle up baby but has so many more possibilities. It can be used as a bib, a burp cloth, a sun shade, a light blanket or at a pinch, a washable diaper! The super large swaddling wrap (140/140cm) is a favorite with young mothers. They use it as a nursing cover for that precious and intimate moment. But why not also use it as a play mat, a light throw on the grass, a changing mat, a sheet, a scarf, perhaps even a sarong!
The fabric is tailor-made: 100% cotton, soft, absorbent, washable and designed to last. A wonderfully classic piece in cream with a gentle waffle texture.

If you would like to learn more about the traditional hand embroidery technique used in the making of these swaddling cloths, have a look at our page « savoir-faire ». Discover our designs and choose the size and color you prefer. This collection is also available from our boutique in Paris at 2, rue de Valois.