interior design

In the workshop of Maison Duchénoy,

each thread weaves into a symphony where the art of embroidery, elegant and timeless, finds
its most beautiful expression.

It is here, in this space where time is suspended,

that we realize your custom interior design projects that come to life under the aegis

of dedicated and expert hands.

Consulting, design, innovation, research, implementation and design,

the workshop encompasses comprehensive skills.

Maison Duchénoy combines excellence and authenticity in your homes

and offers achievements that go beyond the boundaries of possible decorative embroidery. 

Maison duchénoy

of the high decoration

During each project, the workshops of Maison Duchénoy
see more than a simple realization.

They perceive the soul of your interior
and discern
the precise measurement
of emotion and character
to breathe into every space.

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In the living room, living room or bedroom, every corner becomes a white canvas, ready to welcome an art that transcends time and trends. Your furniture and decoration accessories, from sofa to chairs, through the cushions, turn into unique pieces that embody the singular expression of your personality. Because yes, the customers of Maison Duchénoy have this common taste for the beautiful gesture. Individuals, companies, architects and decorators who call on his know-how recognize his ability to sublimate spaces, thanks to an embroidery that echoes traditional French craftsmanship and that combines elements of contemporary design. From initial advice to final realization, each step is a step towards a new vision, where the highest quality materials join the exceptional skills in a ballet of masterful creation.


of french craftmanship

for all spaces

All your spaces whatever they are,
can be enhanced and transformed
by the talent of Maison Duchénoy’s
crafters, serving their customers
and the professionals they work with.

Embroidery by Maison Duchénoy
A living room by Maison Duchénoy

The living room

For example, the living room is not only a living space, it is also a gathering place that can be adorned with embroidered accents. 

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Curtains or curtains decorated with delicate embroideries testify to attention to detail and a pronounced taste for elegance in all circumstances. It is the same in the living room, an exchange area par excellence, where pretty cushions or seats are always the most beautiful effect.
The bedroom by Maison Duchénoy

The bedroom

In the bedroom, a haven of rest and peace, a custom decoration is particularly appropriate. 

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Give life to a real cocoon of intimacy and serenity with headboards, bedspreads and finely embroidered curtains that offer a peaceful escape from the tumult of everyday life. Let yourself be conquered by a silky fabric and let yourself be lulled by the crackling of cotton or the wrinkling of linen.
The dining room by Maison Duchénoy

The dining room

Maison Duchénoy can also transform the dining room, transforming this friendly space with refined textiles.

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From chairs and armchairs to curtains, the ultimate refinement lies in the details.
The office by Maison Duchénohy

The office

As for the office, a place of creativity and concentration by definition, dressing it with the treasures of Maison Duchénoy, is to choose inspiration and simulation.

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Between chair cushions, wall panels and lampshades, Maison Duchénoy offers a multitude of options to transform your workspace into a haven of creative peace.

Maison duchénoy :

the ally of

prestigious renovation

Maison Duchénoy works in close collaboration with decorators,
upholsterers and interior designers who give substance to
the most beautiful ideas, and value the heritage
through a rich and evocative embroidery that carries the details of excellence.
From the office to the living room, all the pieces are adorned
with a new aura, a new shine under the fairy fingers of the embroiderers. 

The Maison Duchénoy workshop is unquestionably
the den where ideas, even the most daring,
take shape. The realization of each customized project
is an adventure, a journey where expertise and creativity
meet to create stories, moods and emotions.







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Maison Duchénoy develops creations for all interiors, professional and personal, and offers companies and offices a textile covering that reflects their identity and seriousness. Embassies, ministries, luxury hotels, yachts or private jets, the development of professional spaces, beyond their simple functionality, is elevated to the rank of work of art. Each piece of furniture, each room becomes a message, the expression of professionalism and the exception that reigns in these places. Under the skillful hands of the craftsmen of Maison Duchénoy, the threads, colors and materials pay tribute to the art of interior design in its most subtle and sophisticated form.

Your home or business offices become not only a living or working space in your image, but also a gallery where excellence and craftsmanship coexist in perfect symbiosis. 

custom decoration in the service of time

Custom headboard by Maison Duchénoy

In his constant quest for perfection,
beauty and detail,
Maison Duchénoy stands as a beacon
in the world the custom interior decoration,
as a bulwark against mass consumption.

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With his mastery of the entire technical
palette to embroidery, from hand embroidered white embroidery to fully automated embroidery,
its workshops carry the banner of sustainability
with pride and determination.
Bespoke creation by Maison Duchénoy

With creations that resist time and
fluctuations in trends,
Maison Duchénoy takes the opposite
of the ephemeral character of everyday
consumer products, by proposing achievements
that, like works of art, challenge generations.

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The choice of materials and supports,
whether fabrics or leathers,
is always in a sustainable spirit which promotes
the durability and quality of the works.

Maison Duchénoy and its expert hands immerse you
at the heart of French elegance and know-how
that transcends your spaces into a woven dream
timeless splendor.

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