house linen

At the heart of Maison Duchénoy’s workshops,

where excellence is born, household linen transcends

simple everyday comfort to become a timeless work of art.

Every fiber of fabric, from cotton to linen,

is a celebration of French know-how that has continued for more than a century.

Choosing a collection piece Maison Duchénoy,

it’s not just opting for linen from

high quality is above all making the choice of experience,

of tradition and sustainability.

maison duchénoy :

an exceptional embroidery workshop

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With Maison Duchénoy, all creations tell a story. The fibers sing, the colors dance, while the Skillful hands gently brush tablecloths freshly embroidered, delicate sheets and towels pure white. From the moment you enter the universe of Maison Duchénoy, the exception envelops you in an embrace warm. Here, needlepoint meets techniques the most modern, such as multi-head and mechanical embroidery. The point of Beauvais, precise and elegant, blends harmoniously with Cornely embroidery to reveal patterns in shades subtle and varied textures.

True to its heritage, Maison Duchénoy
to innovate,
by cleverly mixing traditional and modern techniques
to create beautiful and sustainable linens.

maison duchénoy :

high-end linens

Just like a painter who takes his brush to create a work of art,
Maison Duchénoy juggles between ancestral
and contemporary methods,
to add vibrant touches of color and patterns that come to life
under the expert hands of its craftsmen. 

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The birth of a Maison Duchénoy product is an exciting journey.
From the first sketches, ideas are pampered and nurtured
by a dedicated team.
The high-end fabrics carefully selected, are transformed
into bed linen, soft sponge towels and white sheets
registered and elegant tablecloths shaped with love and passion.
Table linen - Maison Duchénoy

Table linen: a feast for the eyes

On the set table of Maison Duchénoy, meals turn into a grandiose celebration. 

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The high quality linen tablecloths offer a sumptuous backdrop where each embroidery tells a unique story. The towels, embroidered with threads of remarkable finesse, bring a note of elegance that enchants the most ordinary lunch or dinner. Because a meal is also a feast for the eyes, every detail, from the choice of thread to the embroidery technique used, is thought to amaze.
Bed linen - Maison Duchénoy

Bed linen: a haven of softness

At the time of a well-deserved rest, such a soothing caress, the bed linen of the Maison Duchénoy collection promises you an unparalleled experience. 

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Let yourself be enveloped by the tender embrace of soft cotton sheets, covers and pillowcases delicately embroidered. Turn your bed into a haven of sweetness, for nights lulled by stars and childhood dreams.
Bath linen - Maison Duchénoy

Bath linen: a guarantee of quality and comfort

In the soothing calm of your bathroom, the Maison Duchénoy product range also works wonders.

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Sponge towels, which caress your hands, hug your body or touch your face, invite you to relax, like a gentle wave of serenity that envelops you to carry your mind away from the worries of everyday life.
Tissues - Maison Duchénoy

Tissues: tenderness in fabric

The embroidered handkerchiefs, available in several sizes, do not only echo a quality of yesteryear too often forgotten. 

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They are a guarantee of sustainability in a society where the disposable reigns supreme. With their delicate touch, they stand as an alternative as elegant as perennial, but above all as discreet companions for your whole life.
Birth linen - Maison Duchénoy

Birth linen: amazed baby

In the range of refined rooms offered by Maison Duchénoy, birth linen also occupies a special place. 

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It is the privileged witness of the first moments of life and turns into a souvenir to cherish when embroidered with delicate and personalized patterns.

exceptional craftmanship

of maison duchénoy

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Behind every room of Maison Duchénoy is a workshop where ancestral expertise meets passion and innovation. The embroidery techniques used, whether Point de Beauvais, Cornely embroidery, multi-head or mechanical embroidery, testify to a know-how that has survived the ages. Needle embroidery, for example, requires extraordinary precision and patience, but it turns every piece of fabric into a unique work of art. Mixed with the art of needle painting, it creates pieces with fine and nuanced details, where color and thread blend into perfect harmony.

In the workshop of Maison Duchénoy,
the quality of each creation is assured
by the choice of the best yarns and fabrics,
guaranteeing the longevity of the products.

high-end embroidery linen :

a journey through time

and tradition

Maison Duchénoy offers you a trip
back in time with its embroidered linens.

If you are looking to transform your home into a place of refinement and beauty,
do not hesitate to discover the online store of Maison Duchénoy.
In a world of overconsumption where the ephemeral is king,
choosing these high-quality pieces contributes to the sustainability of your heritage.

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Maison Duchénoy allows you to rediscover the charm of a time when household items were made and imagined with special attention, where each thread carried the promise of excellence. The luxury of quality is the prerogative of the House, since each room is as beautiful as it defies time. Immerse yourself in a world where the exception is at hand and where you make much more than a purchase: you become the guardian of a tradition, an art that, thanks to you, will cross generations.

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